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I Hate Love

Feature Film / Mexico / 105min / Drama-Romance-Coming of Age / English-Spanish / ARRI-RAW

DIRECTOR: Beto Hinojosa / PRODUCER: Pablo García Gatterer / DIR. OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Kenji Katori / Editor: Joaquim Marti / Script: Humberto Hinojosa

CAST: Diane Rosser - Eve / Christian Vázquez - Robo / Rodrigo Azuela - Cobra / Diego Cataño - Caca / Miriana Moro - Jenny


Robo, Cobra, and Caca are best friends in a Mexico City highschool. Robo recently lost his hearing after an accident, while saving the lives of 2 girls about to drown in the ocean and doctors say he may suddenly get it back as quickly as he lost it. Cobra’s mom is soon to be married to an american man and he thinks he’s in love with his future step-sister, Eve, a beautiful, fragile girl with two recent suicide attempts. Caca originally from Acapulco speaks some english and serves as the group interpreter. He tries to keep things in place when he sees that Robo and Eve are falling in love, as Robo discovers that being close to Eve may actually be restoring his hearing and Eve starts to smile for the first time in months. Cobra is furious at his friend, but a fateful event before his mother’s wedding in Acapulco dramatically changes their lives. Love, loss, heartbrake, and the growing pains that accompany this adolescents while they try figuring out life endear them to us while we are washed over with touching waves of nostalgia, some laughs and some tears.